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The great scientist Paul Aisle invented PCB. Undoubtedly, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) has proved itself as an essential component of in the electronic industry. Basically, a PCB is a component made of several layers of insulating material which is combined with electrical conductors. It not only supports physically but also wires the components of electronic devices.

Electronic Security PCB

Maximum of the PCBs are made from fiberglass or glass-reinforced plastics that come with copper traces. Depending upon the type of devices, there are different types of PCBs. It can be single layered i.e one copper layer or double layered i.e two copper layers or multi layered.

Automotive PCB

As per the requirement of the device in which it will be attached the number of layer is incorporated. For example, simple devices usually have PCBs that are made up of one layer but the devices such as computer graphic cards and motherboards have PCBs that are up to twelve layers.


PCBs have been proved as highly effective and reliable tool for strong electric pathways in electronic equipments like computers and others. Now so many PCB board manufacturers in China manufacture and supply their quality PCBs in a proactive strategy.

Telecomunication PCB

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