Process of PCB Manufacturing

Printed circuit board (PCB) is an electronic device used for supporting various components that have been soldered into soldered on the surface of the board. It provides a constant mechanical support to each electrical component. It also assists electromagnetic shielding, heat transfer etc. During the invention of PCBs, the copper engravings were single sided. Then it was double layered in order to minimize the space but now it is available in multi layered.

          Now there are numerous companies in China manufacturing PCBs for commercial purposes with modern technology. However the basic procedure for PCB manufacturing is as described below.

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer China1: the materials to be used and specific processes to be employed for production are decided considering the demand of the customer from the purchase order. In this step, film-protected copper along with the rest of the unprotected areas is exposed to a chemical that eliminates the unprotected copper.

2: Drilling is done in order to attach plate-through applications.

3: Bare copper tracings are applied with protective material in order to make it protected from environmental damage.

4: A thin solder layer is used for coating pad areas so that the PCB will be ready for wave or re-flow soldering process.

5: When PCB has been completed, a thorough visual inspection is done to check the quality and the flow of current is ensured.

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